Membership - 2018

Membership benefits

  •    Free Admission* for Annual “Thamizhar Thirunaal” Program
  •    Free Admission* for Annual “Chitirai Thiruvizha" Program
  •    Summer picnic with free* food and activities
  •    No registration fee for cultural competitions
  •    No/Nominal fee for sports competitions
  •    Discounted tickets for all other events
And Much More.....

* - Nominal fee for celebrity / special events.

Terms and Conditions

  •    Age between 5 years and 17 years will be considered as Child. 18 yrs. and above will be considered as Adults
  •    Membership is not Transferrable and Cancellation is not allowed
  •    Family Membership is purchased for (includes) married couple with their children (18 and below) along with the couple's parents. Couple's parents are considered in this category only when they visit the family
  •    CTS may provide additional benefits or discounts through CTS Partners time to time. CTS will not be responsible, if it is changed or cancelled by CTS Partners
  •    Guests and Friends are welcome to attend CTS programs for a nominal fee payable on the event day